Welcome to FearCliff! This is the Official tumblr page. Here you'll find pics, vids, product updates, and business updates. The actual shop should be opening by the summer of next year but for now hit up our webpage for competitions and products!

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Na Cliff a thug! ✚ � Oct 1st 2011
Another FearCliff competition coming soon!

we havent picked an exact date yet or a place but there will be a live music entertainment from a local band and group. Also a cookout during the competition. 

We’ll post the date and place along with prices of the comp and food. 

Should be around middle to late october so before it gets too cold.

✚ � Sep 29th 2011
Started the business.

FearCliff has gotten its business license and has now started the official website.

www.fearcliff.com  :)

we’ve ordered fearcliff bracelets and shirts, hats, and stickers are coming soon! along with boards, trucks, wheels and all those other things you need. 

go see whats up with the website and feel free to email us at anytime with any ideas you liked to see or products you want. fearcliff@gmail.com  or thomas@fearcliff.com

✚ � Sep 29th 2011
Fear The Cliff

Fear The Cliff

sashaathumperr said: I love how i found your tumblr from the back of your car(:

Haha this is great let me tell you what we are. FearCliff is our skate company but we are still developing. We use our tumble to advertise our products you can buy online. We are located in the DMV so we are local. The store will be open next summer! Thanks for the follow :)

✚ � Sep 5th 2011

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Fear not the Quake but the Cliff! ✚ � Aug 23rd 2011

luna-vibes said: yo, do you like the cursor?

yea i fucks wit it mad hard lol!

✚ � Aug 22nd 2011
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✚ � Aug 22nd 2011
Drop in the Ask Box a few products you would like to see for sale on here! ✚ � Aug 22nd 2011

pictures of decks, T’s and other merch. coming soon!

✚ � Aug 21st 2011